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Digital Communications Specialist
Digital Communications Specialist  Rashad McCann
Vistor and Undergraduate Admissions Center 925 Price Fork Rd

Office number: 249

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Rashad's creative journey began at Ferrum, where they delved into the intricacies of Art and design while simultaneously managing the spiritual life website, ensuring its continuous evolution with regular content updates. With over 9+ years of hands-on experience in the field, Rashad has honed his craft as a creative , mastering the art of creating digital masterpieces, crafting captivating web designs. With a foundation rooted in Visual Communication and Design, he focused on design skills but also developed a keen eye for understanding and meeting university/department needs.

He refined his skills with the institution SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) . This allowed him to take an innovative approach to art and design. This has allowed him to serve honing his craft, continously learning techniques and technologies that help him adept in the fields of communication, branding, and visual/web design with a comprehensive understanding in each discpline.

Rashad excels as a Freelance Graphic Artist, leveraging their expertise to enhance a diverse array of projects. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of client needs, Rashad has revitalizes startup websites, designs, logos, and while creating impactful marketing materials. Beyond his professional endeavors, Rashad is dedicated to community engagement. Within their church congregation, they provide invaluable support to pastoral leadership by delivering captivating marketing materials for various events, showcasing his  commitment to serving others.

At their core, Rashad is a skilled storyteller, adept at weaving narratives through color, layout, and imagery. Whether immersed in the creative process, enjoying music, or pursuing physical fitness, creativity remains Rashad's constant companion along with gaming. His multifaceted talents and dedication to excellence makes him a new valuable asset to the Virginia Tech community, where he uses his expertise to work closesly with the Enrollment Management units to strengthen its web prescene/marketing and continuing his efforts to push the university's mission innovation.